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MRlytics Suite

Advanced Analytics tool for Market Research Professionals


MRlytics Suite at a Glance


MRlytics Suite will save you time to prepare your data and perform advanced market research analytics. Upload your data with a few simple clicks.


Make your own simulations, investigate different scenarios and save your work in a dedicated environment.


Automated and accessible at any time. Outputs are easily downloadable and can be used in PPT, XLSX, DOC, SPSS or online reporting.

What is MRlytics Suite? Best-in-class-service simulator platform

You want to run a TURF or a MaxDiff analysis, but you do not have the experience, the software or time to do it ? Now you can!

MRlytics Suite Case Study: Online Conjoint Simulator

The MRlytics Suite Conjoint Simulator allows you to unlock decision-making power of research data by introducing products within a simulated market environment. MRlytics Suite gives an overview of the respondents’ utility for each product attribute as well as the importance of each. It lets you perform various market scenarios and consider potential product patterns, designs, positioning, pricing, and more.


Is MRlytics Suite for me?

The MRlytics Suite is the best self-service MR analytics tool on the market and a great solution for:

Panel providers and large MRA

Consultancy companies

Client-side market researches

Independent scientists and NGOs

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